Canada Spouse Visa

to apply for this visa, your funding spouse or common law partner must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

Benefits of the Canadian Spouse / Family Visa
Once your visa has been approved:

Your family is in a position to measure and add Canada permanently.
Your family can study in Canada.
Your family will receive contribute to health care benefits through Medicare.
Your family can apply for Canadian citizenship.
Things you got to know
You may even be required to be living and dealing in Canada at the time of the appliance so as to sponsor your family. However if you're offshore, then our expert team of consultants will assist you through an easy process.

What is needed?
Your family could also be required to require the IELTS exam (International English Testing System). this is often a part of every migration application. Every case is different when it involves what you would like , and as a part of our assessment we'll be ready to advise you on this.

so as to sponsor your family, you want to be free from any kind of criminal activity.


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