Refund Policy

Payment Confirmation:

Once the payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to the client via email within 24 hours of receipt.

Refund Policy:

1.Applicant Admits that Pinnacle Flying is not responsible for granting visa and the time required for processing of this application is at the exclusive preference of the government and not the consultant.

2.Applicant confirms that before starting their process with us he/she read and understands all the term and conditions.

3.If the applicant wishes to cancel the service, they are entitled to apply for refund only if they paid full amount according to Pinnacle Flying Service Charges even if it is the next day after signing the contract. The COMPANY will not refund the amount if the payment is not completed and PINNACLE FLYING DOCUMENTS CLEARING SERVICES already shared the information regarding requirement, application forms and has explained the procedures to the applicant in good faith and has given accurate details as per the existing rules and regulations of the respective country to file their application.

4.The applicant agrees that the fees paid are for the services indicated in section 1 and the client fully understands that immigrations consultants and representation fee paid is NOT refundable including in the following situation:

  1. If there will be any issue in medical.
  2. Applicant having a criminal record.
  3. Security Issue.
  4. Insufficient fund.
  5. Insufficient information.
  6. Misrepresentation.
  7. The applicant unable to provide relevant documents as per requirements(depending on the countries and the program you applied for)
  8. Failure to convince the immigration officer at interview level.
  9. Failure to proceed to Canada after the visa is issued.
  10. Failure to provide updated documents.
  11. Failure to provide education credential assessment by the government designated organization.

5.In case of WORK PERMIT 50% of the amount will be refundable under Following grounds:

  1. If the applicant willingly wishes to withdraw his file and he paid the full amount of services charges.
  2. If the application rejected due to change of Law in Canada.
  3. If the LMIA result being Negative.
  4. Refusal in job interview.
  5. Denial of application from employer.
  6. Visa refusal.

Refund will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 60 working days depends on the issuing bank credit cards.

Pricing and Description:

Client agrees to GET the services from Pinnacle Flying Documents Clearing service for migration to selected country on the following terms.

Client will pay (amount depends on the chosen country), plus the Government Fees. The client agrees to bear the charges of and legal formality like attestation & translation of documents, Medicals, Police Certificate etc.


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