Tier 1 Investor Visa

A points-based visa authorized genuine high-net individuals to form a considerable investment within the uk . The visa characters a validity of three years and 4 months and may be extended if the aspirants wish to continue living within the UK.

Advantages of this visa

 Once your visa has been approved:

 A three-year visa to visit the united kingdom so as to expand business opportunities and make an investment

 Permits the most aspirants and dependents to calm down within the UK through a fast-track option

 The consort is going to be ready to work or study full time

 the most aspirants could be ready to perform full-time employment

 Children under 18 years will benefit of free education in any public school

 Free medical insurance for the visa holder & his relatives

 Over completion of three years the visa holder could be entitled to use for a two-year extension (subject to requirements)

 UK citizenship over completion of 5 years living within the UK

 Fast time interval

 a superb Pinnacle to calm down in UK for genuine business public

What is required?

 you'll got to prove that you simply have the stated funds of 1,000,000 pounds to form an investment within the UK

 you want to show proof that the assembles are legally earned

 Enough maintenance fees to hide your living expenses including dependents without evaluating the country’s public funds

 to use for a two-year extension you want to show documented proof that you simply had committed with the particular investment

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