UK Visit Visa

The requirements for a visit visa depend upon the aim that you're visiting the United Kingdom.You’ll be required to use for a visit visa if you're coming to the United Kingdom for leisure, to go to friends and family, for business, or to require part in creative or sporting events, to receive private medical usage of or other reasons.

Non-visa nationals
Whether you require to use for a visit visa before you visit the united kingdom depends on your nationality. Not everyone who comes for a brief holiday or to go to friends or family requires a visa. Nationals of nations who don't require a visa to go to the United Kingdom are referred to as non-visa nationals.

If you're a non-visa national you want to make sure that you've got all of the documents required for a visit visa with you to present at the border.

Nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Poland and therefore us of America are eligible to use the e-gates when traveling to the United Kingdomas a visitor. However, albeit you're a national of 1 of those countries you want to make sure that you continue to suit the visitor visa rules.

EU nationals and their relations currently enjoy different arrangements.

Visa nationals
Individuals who require a visa before travelling to the United Kingdom are referred to as visa nationals. An inventory of visa nationals is often found here. It’s vital you check whether you need a visa before you travel otherwise you won't be allowed to enter the United Kingdom as a visitor.

Ensure you suit the visit visa rules
In order to get a visit visa an applicant will get to show, amongst other things, that they're a real visitor.

There is often confusion surrounding the visitor visa category - for instance, in what circumstances maybe a visit visa appropriate, what exactly a visitor is in a position neutralize the united kingdom and the way long a visitor can spend within the UK. Getting this wrong can have serious consequences including stopping the migrant from coming to the united kingdom for up to 10 years.

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