Ways to sponsor your partner for Canadian immigration

Canada is directing to accelerate the procedure of 18,000 spousal sponsorship applications by the completion of this year.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) made this important declaration on Thursday, outlining the innovative steps it is taking to try and rejoin loved ones as speedily as possible.

If you are searching to submit a new spousal sponsorship application, here is the information that you necessary to know.

  • Benefits of living in Beautiful Canada


– Get social benefits that Canadian Citizens obtain, involving free healthcare coverage and free schooling

– Stay, work or Study in Canada

– Send an application for Canadian PR and Citizenship

– Preservation under Canadian Law and the IRCC


  • About the process


Canadian citizens and permanent residents allows sponsor a spouse, common-law partner, or marital partner to gain permanent residence.

The Canadian citizen or permanent resident (the “sponsor”) and the foreign national (the “sponsored person”) have be accepted by IRCC for the sponsored individual to gain permanent residence.

The sponsor and sponsored individual must prove to IRCC that their relationship falls under one of these three classifications:

  • Spouse
  • Common-law partner
  • Marital partner


Canada acknowledges same-sex marriages. Same-sex partners allow to apply under one of these three classifications so long as they match all of IRCC’s qualifications criteria.


  • IRCC’s eligibility criteria


You allow to sponsor your partner if:

  • You are minimum 18 years old.
  • If you are a Canadian citizen staying abroad, you have to prove that you plan to live in Canada with the sponsored individual once they become a permanent resident.
  • A permanent resident is qualify to sponsor their partner if the permanent resident live in Canada.
  • You allow to prove that you are not receiving social encouragements for reasons other than having a disability.
  • You can financially issue for the basic necessities of the sponsored individual.


  • Who you can sponsor


  • Spouse: Your spouse have to be legitimately married to you and minimum 18 years old.
  • Common-law partner: Is not legitimately married to you, is minimum18 years old, and has been staying with you for minimum 12 consecutive months.
  • Marital partner:Is not legitimately married to you, is it minimum 18 years old, has been in a relationship with you for minimum 1 year, lives outside of Canada, and cannot stay with you in their country of residence or marry you because of significant legal and immigration causes. Such causes can include their marital status (e.g., they are still married to someone else in a country where divorce is impossible), their sexual intention (e.g., same-sex relationships are not obtained in their country), persecution (e.g., your relationship is between religious groups in a country where this not obtained). You have to prove you could not live together or get married in your marital partner’s country.


  • How to apply


There are two ways to sponsor your partner, which IRCC calls you to submit together at the same time. following are the sponsorship application and the permanent residence application.

Step 1: Receive the application package from IRCC.

Step 2: Pay your application fees. Many times, these fees involve processing fees, the correct of permanent residence fee, and biometrics fee, all of which you require to pay online on IRCC’s website.

Step 3: Submit your application through email to IRCC.

  • Once your application is successful


After their application has been successful, every couple is need to continue to fulfill specific obligations:

  • The sponsor is financially in charge for the sponsored individual for three years.
  • Sponsored individual are prohibited from sponsoring individual else for five years after they have been sponsored for permanent residence.


  • Do you want to sponsor your loved one?


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Ø  Can A Person Move to Canada After Marring a Canadian?


Generally, the answer is yes, unfortunately, it is a little more complex than that. The biggest trouble international newly married necessity to control is having to prove their relationship. Marrying a Canadian citizen does not automatically allow you permanent residence or citizenship, you will ought to apply for these particularly and it can take quite few time.

We suggested that you first apply for a non-permanent visitor’s visa to enter Canada while you wait for the Spousal Sponsorship application to be procedure. This way, you can still stay with your important other in Canada and you can apply for a non-permanent work permit. 


Ø  Want to Become a Permanent Resident and Citizen of Canada After Marriage


Once your spousal sponsorship has been ended, procedure and established, you will be awarded non-temporary residence in Canada. This does not mean that you are a Canadian citizen, however your partner is one. Citizenship by marriage does not stay. With non-temporary residence, you may apply for Canadian citizenship.

You will necessity to assure the following obligations to become a citizen of Canada:

  • You can’t be undergoing investigation with the possibility of having your non-temporary residency canceled;
  • Inside the past four years, you required to have been in Canada for minimum three years;
  • You must be eligible to speak English or French; and
  • You required to know about Canada’s record history, culture and government.

The last two classifications will be examined during the citizenship procedure, so study up.

If you are committing married to a Canadian citizen and you wish to immigrate to Canada, you will required few specialist guidance. Thankfully, we experts in Spousal Sponsorship applications. The preliminary step to begin your application is to assess you for eligibility.




Ø  Want to Prove Your Marriage Is Real


One of the most deciding factors for a successful spousal sponsorship is the legal of the marriage or common-law partnership. You will must have to prove that the relationship among you and your partner is real and existent. Many people commit into fake marriages with Canadians because of Immigration to Canada, so the government tries to stave off the misuse of the system with close inspection of the relationship.

Aside from providing all the needy documentation for your application, you will also required to add supporting documentation to prove your relationship is real and existent. This can involve anything, like:

  • Wedding, honeymoon, travel or other images of you jointly;
  • Email, phone and communication records; and
  • Affidavits reinforce the relationship

It can be difficult to prove the extant of a common-law partnership, because there is no marriage certificate or few great public presentation of your relationship like a marriage. In this case, government officials look positively on the following kind of proof:

  • combine bank accounts or any other combine accounts;
  • Co-ownership of property;
  • Record of co-existence like shared household expenses and rentals;
  • Official documentation recording the same address for both parties like IDs; and
  • Telephone/Mobile calls


The things talk through above are just samples of the kind of things that will guide prove your relationship is real and existent. The record is endless and you can involve as much documentation as you required. In reality, you can involve everything that you think will guide to persuade the immigration officials.


There is a opportunity that you might receive interviewed about your relationship. Don’t be stressed! The best suggestion we can provide you is to just tension free, be yourself and make assure that you reply all the questions fact fully. If they find that you misstated some information on your application or in the interview, you will be locked from Canada for minimum two years. Just be honest & real and you will ensure pass the interview.



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